Suggested Use for Ultimate Essiac


Daily Maintenance

Pour out 2 oz. of brewed essiac and take twice per day on an empty stomach.*


Extra Strength 

Pour out 3 oz. of brewed essiac and take three times per day on an empty stomach.*


Aggressive PLUS

Pour out 4-6 oz. of brewed essiac and take three times per day on an empty stomach.*

*Avoid eating at least two hours before and at least one hour after administering the essiac.  Example: If you eat a meal at 1pm, you can consume your essiac at 3pm and are free to eat again at 4pm.


FOR CHILDREN (Infants to 14 years; 15 years old and up take adult serving) 


Weight                         Serving

Up to 15 lbs.                 ½ oz. once per day

15-35 lbs.                     ½ oz. twice per day

35-55 lbs.                     1 oz. twice per day

55-85 lbs.                     2 oz. twice per day

85+ lbs.                        3 oz. twice per day


**A third serving per day can added for Extra Strength.



Serving recommendations are by weight. For large animals, use the adult dosage. For small animals such as house pets, use the same chart as for children. 

To administer the essiac to a pet or animal:

The best method is to mix the essiac with a liquid. Water is fine, but if the animal won’t take it try using a liquid that's more enticing to your pet in order to get him or her to take the essiac. 

Try administering to the animal using an eye dropper, syringe or turkey baster.

It is recommended to take the essiac on an empty stomach.


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