About Ultimate Essiac: Who We Are and Why We Are Your Trusted Essiac Tea Supplier

about ultimate essiacGina and Bryan Paulhus have been distributing essiac together since 2005!

About Ultimate Essiac

Looking to learn more about Ultimate Essiac?

Your first concern when choosing essiac tea should be whether or not the formula is from a credible source. Whether you are an end user or you would like to distribute essiac wholesale, the integrity of the product is of the utmost importance.

Our Ultimate Essaic Formula is the same one developed by Rene Caisse, the Canadian Nurse who is considered to be the Founder of Essiac. Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch spent eight years from 1959 to 1967 studying essiac tea at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Rene Cassise and Dr. Charles Brusch settled on their preferred formula during this research. This formula included the original four essiac herbs combined with an additional four herbs that maximized the effectiveness when taken as a tea. 

Bryan Paulhus worked alongside Dr. Charles Brusch and learned exactly how to make essiac tea per Rene Caisse's specifications. Bryan Paulhus took on the mission set by Dr. Charles Brusch that the essiac would be kept affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. While many companies altered the essiac tea formula for profit, we promised never to do such things. 

Ultimate Essiac is located 45 minutes north of Cambridge, MA which is where the research on essiac tea was done. We proudly carry on the mission today that was started by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch so many years ago.

Gina Paulhus began helping Bryan with the nuts and bolts of the business in 2005 so that he could focus on what he does best - management of the manufacturing process as well as telephone customer service. Gina was able to help grow the company to help more and more people have access to essiac.

Today, Gina and Bryan Paulhus work on distributing essiac tea to the fartest corners of the globe. This includes getting retail-ready essiac onto as many store shelves as possible. If you would like to place a wholesale order, please contact us.

Ultimate Essiac serves as a more affordable Flor Essence alternative for those who find the price of Flor Essence prohibitive. It's made from the same eight herbs. Ultimate Essiac comes in convenient 2 oz. packets which are a great size for most users to strike a balance between convenience, freshness and cost.

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