Ultimate Essiac Wholesale Pricing

essiac wholesale pricing

While we offer discounts for large orders, we also encourage smaller vendors to purchase Ultimate Essiac by having NO MINIMUMS.

We GUARANTEE the lowest price on retail-ready essiac anywhere. If you find anyone who is selling for less, even on sale, we promise to beat our competitors' price. Even if you want to purchase just one unit, the price is $14.95 per 6 oz. box, with a suggested retail price of $39.95.

As a comparison, suggested retail price for just 2.2 oz. of Flor Essence, a similar product, retails for $35-$40. It will be apparent to the consumer that our product offers substantially more value with a similar, if not superior, level of quality, plus a Money-Back Guarantee that Flor Essence does not have.

Call 978-504-9517 or email jimed75 @ aol.com to discuss the volume of product you need and payment terms, and we will arrange the best possible price for you. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and Bank Transfers.

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