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ultimate essiac FAQ

Our Ultimate Essiac FAQ is your way to get instant answers to commonly asked questions about our Flor Essence alternative retail box.

Let's Get Into the Ultimate Essiac FAQ Now

Who are you and where are you located?
We are the Paulhus family and we have been in the essiac business for decades. We have a direct connection to Dr. Charles Brusch who worked alongside Rene Caisse. Bryan Paulhus was taught by Dr. Charles Brusch how to prepare the powdered eight herb essiac tea per Rene Caisse's specifications. We are located in Massachusetts, about 45 minutes from where the most extensive research ever performed on essiac tea happened at the Brusch Medical Research Center from the years of 1959 through 1967.

Questions About Our Brand

What makes your brand special?
Most of the essiac brands contain a blend of herbs that is not the most current essiac formula. The reason is that the formula is not public domain and very few people have it. Read more about why you should choose our Ultimate Essiac Brand.

Why is Ultimate Essiac less expensive then the alternatives such as Flor Essence tea?

We are willing to accept lower profit margins to help more people be able to afford the product. That's our mission, and it's the mission that Dr. Charles Brusch asked us to carry on. We also sell direct to the end users, which cuts out middleman costs and expensive overhead.

Questions About How to Use Ultimate Essiac

How much do I take?
See our dosage guidelines: Click here for more information on dosing suggestions.

How do I prepare the tea?
It only takes 10 minutes once every two weeks to prepare the tea. Click here for brewing instructions.

How long will I need to take essiac?

It really depends on the reason you are taking essiac. If you hope to improve your health, we recommend you take essiac as directed for at least six months. If you're just taking it for general wellbeing, it's totally up to you! There is no need to go off essiac, take a break, or otherwise adjust use.

Questions About Customer Service

How do I contact you?
You are welcome to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We answer the phone from 9am-9pm ET and we respond to email once per day Monday thru Saturday. Click here to contact us.

Questions About Ordering

You may order direct on this page, or by calling 1-978-504-9517.

If you are wanting to place a wholesale order, the boxes are $24.95 each with a 12-box minimum. Order here (they resell for $45 suggested retail price).

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