Helpful Hints for Essiac Usage

*There are no additives in the essiac to make it taste ‘better.’ The essiac has a ‘grassy taste’ that some find slightly bitter. Also, the batches vary in taste. If a sweeter taste is desired, we recommend adding stevia or a sweetener of your choice (sugar is not recommended).

*You can also mix your essiac serving with unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice.

*Some prefer rinsing the mouth out with juice right after taking essiac to eliminate any aftertaste.


*You may find a variation in taste, color, texture and thickness of your brewed essiac from batch to batch. This is normal. Each harvest of herbs varies due to varying soil and climate conditions. All herbs are tested for purity and quality. All herbs are pesticide free, insecticide free, herbicide free, and non-irradiated.

*To take three times per day, we recommend drinking a serving upon waking up in the morning and waiting at least 1 hr. to have breakfast;  drinking a serving at least 2 hrs. after lunch and drinking a serving at least 2 hrs. after dinner. If you are away from home, take the essiac with you in a thermos.

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