Ultimate Essiac Brewing Instructions

ultimate essiac brewing instructions

Essiac Tea Brewing Instructions


Step 1. Boil the necessary amount of spring water in a large pot.


The amounts for each size brew are:


To  Make           Use                    Best for

One gallon         136 oz. water     Aggressive or Aggressive PLUS


Two quarts         68 oz. water      Maintenance or children and animals over 55 lb.


One quart           36 oz. water      Children and animals 33-55 lb.


One pint               20 oz.  water     Children and animals 32 lb. and under


 (Note: There is additional water used is to account for evaporation).

Step 2. Add the correct amount of essiac herbs.


The amounts for each size brew are:


To Make                          Use

One gallon tea                 4 oz. herbs (2 packets)

Two quarts                       2 oz. herbs (1 packet)

One quart                        1 oz. herbs (1/2 packet)

One pint                           ½ oz. herbs (1/4 packet)


  1. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Slant a cover on the pan to reduce evaporation.
  2. Leave the essiac in pot and leave the cover on. Turn the heat off, and let the essiac sit at room temperature for at least twelve hours, but less than 24 hours. You do not have to boil the tea twice.
  3. Pour the essiac into a container and refrigerate. Do not strain the essiac. Shake your container and pour each serving immediately. The herb particles are very fine and should disperse throughout the liquid upon shaking the container. Drink the essiac quickly or the herb particles will settle again. Consuming the herbs powdered herbs is suggested.

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