2 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ultimate Essiac Brand

There are Two Key Reasons Why It Makes a Lot of Sense

ultimate essiac brandUntil Ultimate Essiac brand came along, Essiac was too expensive for the average person to afford.

Why Choose Ultimate Essiac Brand Reason #1

Ultimate Essiac brand carries a ton of benefits. Finely powdered herbs allow for maximal absorption. Because we finely powder our herbs, they can be ingested rather than strained out and thrown away. In addition, finely powdered herbs are more easily absorbed into the water during the brewing process. This is the same way the Ojibway Indians consumed their essiac tea. They are the first ones to use essiac - they are the ones used it even before Rene Caisse did!

Why Choose Ultimate Essiac Brand Reason #2

Our essiac formula was developed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch, MD. Rene Caisse was the Canadian nurse for whom essiac is named ("essiac" is "Caisse" spelled backwards). Dr. Charles Brusch, who was President John K. Kennedy’s personal physician, is credited with developing the eight-herb essiac formula in partnership with Rene Caisse. This formula includes the original four essiac herbs plus an additional four herbs which were added to enhance the formula’s effectiveness. This essiac formula is the result of eight years of research performed from 1959 through 1967 at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

With an advanced formula and finely powdered herbs, it is easy to see why we are called Ultimate Essiac tea.

How Does Ultimate Essiac Brand Compare to Competitors?

  • You can't compare 8 herb essiac to 4 herb essiac, which automatically wipes out many of the other competitors such as Canada International. You see, the 4 herb formula is an older formula that didn't stand up in the research. 
  • You also can't compare essiac made with whole herbs to that made with powdered herbs. This additionally wipes out competitors such as Starwest (who also have a 4 herb blend).
  • The only company that's left is Flor Essence. They make a powdered essiac that has 8 herbs and is powdered. The issue is, it costs up to 5x as much to use as our brand for the same thing.
  • Flor Essence sells a just over 2 oz. box for around $50. Our 6 oz. box starts at $29.95. Because of that, Ultimate Essiac wins the battle every time in terms of cost. Flor Essence is $25 per oz. and Ultimate Essiac brand sits right around $5 per oz. 
  • Because Essiac is usually taken as a long term product (at least six months) the savings really add up.

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